Distech EC-88c Controller Features

Technical DataSheet (PDF)

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The ECU-88c is a cost-effective microprocessor-based controller designed for electromechanical and air handling equipment control. Based on the Lonworks communication protocol and integrated with the Easycontrols™ system manufactured by Distech Controls, the EC-88c is programmable and configurable through Lonwatcher™.

Lonwatcher™ is a Distech Controls software that is simple and user-friendly interface featuring graphical tools and Basic commands. Using the library images and code templates provided, integrators can build a project rapidly through Lonwatcher.

The EC-88c controller configuration is easy and flexible. It can work with any configuration of the controlled equipment and satisfy various project requirements.


  • Control of equipments such as multistage air handling unit, chillers, boilers, lighting systems, refrigerating systems…etc.
  • Control of all other types of equipment.



  • 8 universal inputs
  • 8 programmable, universal outputs which can generate analog signals (4-20 mA, 0-10 volts, PWM, digital (0-10 volt)).
  • Quick connector on input and output for easy maintenance.
  • On, off and auto position selector on each output.
  • 3 amp or 5 Amp relays on each output.
  • Status indicator on each output.
  • Supports 10K, 1K sensors and other industry standards.
  • Input, output and supply fuse protected.
  • Based on Echelon Lonworks® technology for peer to peer communication between controllers.
  • Based on LNS technology by Echelon Corp.
  • Real time clock allowing up to seven different schedules per day per output.
  • Battery backup.
  • 1 meg flash memory for the configuration of up to 50 types of history and for the storage of more than 18 000 events in the controller memory.
  • Generates various types of alarms for local or remote monitoring.